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Update 10 October 2011

Since this site was last updated on 2 September dozens more donations have been received from people around the world, including those living in Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Monaco, Austria and Germany. The total raised now stands at a shade under £40,000 thanks to the great generosity of almost 800 benefactors. Thank you, again, to everyone who has helped to get the fund to this stage.
I am aware that some people are, quite reasonably, impatient for news of how the legal case is developing so I will do my best to try to satisfy your thirst for information.
The facts are that David Halpin has used the donations to instruct Jennifer McDermott of solicitors Withers LLP and John Cooper QC to represent him. The legal team lodged the relevant papers at the High Court on 8 September, meaning that legal proceedings are under way, and permission is now being sought as to whether Attorney General Dominic Grieve's decision of 9 June not to grant a coroner's inquest into Dr Kelly's death can be judicially reviewed. The High Court is now considering Dr Halpin's request.
So far, the High Court has not indicated what date it expects to have reached a decision, though it is anticipated that it will make an announcement this year. Nobody is keener than Dr Halpin for the case to proceed swiftly. As soon as we have any news I shall post it here.
We do want to keep you informed and your patience is appreciated. As you will understand, the frustrating reality is that since the matter is now being dealt with by the High Court, the case is effectively static until we hear from them.
Some people have asked whether the Dr David Kelly fund has charitable status. The answer is, quite simply, no, as it fits none of the Charity Commission's criteria.
I would also like to emphasise that the money raised so far, which is being managed by me and one other independent administrator, Anne-Marie Ingram, is in a bank account at a branch of HSBC in Redditch. It is being used solely for the purpose of paying legal fees associated with this case. No other solicitors' firm or barrister is involved in the case. As is quite right, nobody who has volunteered to play an active part in the campaign, including me, is receiving any money for their time. I feel it important to clarify these points because of some unhelpful rumours which have been circulating on the internet.
We always welcome constructive ideas from anyone interested in helping us. In the absence of anyone having any further thoughts, I believe that until we get a decision from the High Court the best thing people can do is to keep talking about the case, to make others aware of it, and to think positively.
Successive governments have refused to hold an inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly. Until one has been held, nobody can state with certainty how Dr Kelly died. The question must be asked: if the authorities are so convinced that Dr Kelly did kill himself, why are they so reluctant to see justice done in the normal way?
The aim of this campaign has always been to get to the truth about the death of a man who served his country well for many years. With your continued support we hope that that objective can be met.


UPDATE: 2 September 2011 
I am delighted to announce that, as a result of hundreds of people's extraordinary generosity, £33,100 has now been pledged to the campaign to secure an inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly.
Astonishingly, this figure has been reached in the space of one week.
On behalf of everybody associated with this fund I would like to thank all of those who have shown such fantastic support.
Dr David Halpin, the claimant in this legal action, has used the money raised so far, including £5,000 from himself and his wife Sue, to instruct Jennifer McDermott of solicitors Withers LLP and John Cooper QC.  They will lodge the relevant papers at the High Court by 8 September so that legal proceedings can start. This will mean that permission can be sought as to whether Attorney General Dominic Grieve's decision of 9 June 2011 not to grant a coroner's inquest into the death of Dr Kelly can be judicially reviewed and considerations can begin as to whether a fresh inquest should eventually take place.
Dr Halpin will continue to be assisted by four other doctors pleading for an inquest: Chris Burns-Cox, Stephen Frost, Andrew Rouse, and David Jameson Evans, who has recently joined the group.
This crucial legal action, which it is hoped will settle this controversial matter once and for all, would not be taking place without the hundreds of members of the public who have given so kindly.
Nobody linked to this case welcomes the fact that it has been necessary to raise money from the public in order to pursue it, but in the face of successive governments' refusal to follow the law of the land in the normal way and have an inquest, this is regarded as perhaps the last official route to securing the truth about Dr Kelly's death.
With reluctance, further financial realities must now be publicised and confronted.
It is estimated that £40,000 in total will be necessary to cover all legal fees associated with this stage of the case. Without wishing to burden anybody who has already donated money any further, please continue to spread the word that something can be done about this important matter if other public-spirited people act.
Looking further ahead, if the case does not succeed, the possibility that the government will sue Dr Halpin for its legal costs cannot be ruled out.
While most people will recognise that the moral justification for this would be highly questionable, since Dr Halpin is simply daring to ask questions which should have been answered eight years ago, these costs would be very likely to run into tens of thousands of pounds.
For that reason we hope that you will carry on supporting this legal case in any way that you can as it moves forward. 
Please tell your friends about it. If 500 people give £10 that is, of course, another £5,000. 
We will keep you updated as often as possible but please remember that the wheels of justice can turn slowly.
Thank you, again, for your generosity.


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