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My name is Margaret Hindle. I set up the www.inquest4drdk.co.uk website with the co-operation of the doctors pleading for an inquest into Dr David Kelly's death. It has the sole purpose of seeking donations which will go towards the fight for that inquest. 


7 November 2021


A message for supporters of the Dr David Kelly Inquest Fund


As you may know, this fund was established in August 2011 to support a group of doctors who were pressing for the inquest into Dr Kelly’s death to be re-opened. The Fund was set up with the sole purpose of seeking donations to go towards fighting for that inquest.


In 2011, one of the doctors, Dr David Halpin FRCS, made an application to the High Court for permission to bring judicial review proceedings in relation to the Attorney General’s decision of 9 June 2011 not to exercise his powers to apply to the High Court to seek an order to quash the inquest convened in 2003/2004 and to order a new inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly.


The case was heard in the High Court of Justice, Queen’s Bench Division, Administrative Court on 19 December 2011before Mr Justice Nicol. Dr Halpin referred to the Fund in his witness statement. Dr Halpin’s solicitors and leading counsel agreed to discount their normal charging rates and to cap their fees. The entire balance of the Fund was used to pay the solicitors and legal costs at the time of the court case. All donations intended for the High Court challenge were used for that purpose.


Unfortunately the case was unsuccessful, but did generate some publicity for the campaign. We are unable to find a link to the formal judgement, though one of the doctors has produced a transcript of the judge’s decision.


Since the court case there has unfortunately been very little progress towards getting the inquest re-opened, though a small number of donations have continued to come into the Fund account, enabling us to fund some modest research initiatives. Ten years have now passed since the High Court judgement, and we now feel that there are no other legal avenues available at present, or in the foreseeable future.


We have now been advised by the bank who hold the Fund that, going forward, we will have to pay a charge to keep the account open. Since the Fund was established, ALL donations have gone towards pressing for the re-opening of the inquest. All administration costs, including the cost of maintaining the website, travel costs etc have been borne by the Fund signatories, Margaret Hindle and Anne-Marie Ingram.


Whilst there is still a balance of £461.19 in the account, we simply cannot justify paying to keep it open. Although the remaining funds are insufficient to fully reimburse us, we would not feel comfortable taking any money from the Fund. Therefore we have decided to donate the outstanding balance to The Halo Trust. Their mission is to protect lives and restore the livelihoods of those affected by conflict. They clear landmines and the debris of war so families, communities and countries can recover.


We sincerely hope that one day in the future the truth about Dr Kelly’s unexplained death will become known.







The doctors’ original letter to the Coroner requesting the inquest be reopened





Dr Halpin’s Witness Statement and Application







Dr Stephen Frost’s report of the High Court judgement




BBC report of the High Court judgement




Book by Fund supporter Miles Goslett which refers to the Fund




The Halo Trust






Supporters may be interested in a forthcoming book written by Miles Goslett.  As some of you will know, Miles is an investigative journalist who has worked tirelessly over a number of years researching the Dr Kelly case.







3 November 2017


Some of you may have seen the recent news about the exhumation of Dr Kelly's remains:


To be clear, the Inquest Fund has no connection with the Justice for Kelly group mentioned in the article and we have never placed placards anywhere in the vicinity of the original grave site or in the surrounding area.

However, we are looking forward to the publication of Miles Goslett's book and will post details of this as soon as they are available.



31 December 2015


Thank you for your continued interest and support.   Although there is no news at the moment, I want to take this opportunity to assure you that efforts continue to bring about a proper inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly.  I will update the website again as soon as there are further developments.






11 July 2014


Due to time constraints, we have not organised a protest this year but Jayne Venables and I intend to mark the 11th anniversary of the death of Dr David Kelly by standing with our banners outside the Royal Courts of Justice on 18 July from 1pm to 3pm. It will be just the two of us, holding a silent vigil and handing out leaflets but if anyone would like to join us, you will be very welcome.






28 June 2013


On 18th July, the tenth anniversary of Dr Kelly's death, we will be staging a silent protest between 2pm and 4pm outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London to show that we have not given up the struggle.

All are welcome at this respectful occasion, of which the Metropolitan Police have been informed.  For further details get in touch via the "Contact Us" page.





Update 20 December 2011


Many of you will know by now that yesterday at the High Court in London David Halpin was unsuccessful in seeking permission to launch a judicial review of the government's decision in June of this year not to have a coroner's inquest into the unnatural death of Dr David Kelly.
David, like everyone associated with his side of the case, is enormously disappointed by this outcome. In conjunction with others he has dedicated many hours of hard work to this issue over a period of eight years. To be told that he had no legal basis for pursuing a full inquest, and that he must pay £5,638 towards the government's costs, is obviously a huge blow. However, he has made it clear that he is not put off by the decision of Mr Justice Nicol, who presided over yesterday's hearing. As David said outside the court: 'Nothing has changed as a result of this decision. The fact remains that Dr David Kelly has not had a proper inquest to establish how, where and when he died.'
I will post another message on this website when I have had a chance to speak to David again about what he intends to do next. In the meantime he has asked me to thank each of our donors, again, for your crucial support in covering his legal fees. Without your help and generosity yesterday's hearing simply would not have been secured.
Yesterday the authorities effectively admitted - again - that they do not want the strange death of Dr David Kelly to be treated in the normal way. In that sense it was arguably confirmation that they may have something to hide about some aspect of Dr Kelly's death. That in itself is valuable information even if we cannot immediately do anything with it.

Update 16 December 2011


This morning the High Court published details of where and when David Halpin's hearing will take place.
It is scheduled to begin at 10.30am on Monday 19 December. It will be held in Court 3 of the Royal Courts of Justice before Mr Justice Nicol. It is expected to last two hours.
The nearest Tube stations to the court are Temple and Chancery Lane.
I hope that some of you are able to be there. Due to the expected public interest in the hearing, and the airport-style security checks which must be made on entering the building, it may be wise to arrive 30 - 60 minutes early to guarantee a seat.


High Court Hearing 19 December 2011

 This is to remind you that on Monday 19 December 2011 a special hearing will take place at the High Court in London as part of the legal challenge which David Halpin is attempting to bring against the government's recent decision not to hold a coroner's inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly.
Everyone connected with this case on David's side very much hopes that as many of you as possible who have given so generously to enable matters to reach this stage will be able to attend the hearing. It is vital that the significant level of public interest regarding this issue which we all know exists is reflected and the best way to achieve this is by numbers being at the scene on the day.
At present the court has not formally decided at what time the hearing will begin or how many judges will preside over it - it could be up to three - but I will update the website again as soon as this information is known. It has been suggested, but not confirmed, that 10.30 am will be the likely start time
What can be stated as fact at this stage is that, as is standard practice, the hearing will last for two hours. David's barrister, John Cooper QC, will spend approximately 45 minutes putting an argument across explaining why his client believes there should be an inquest. The government's barrister will spend the same amount of time giving an opposite view. The judge(s) will probably not reach a decision immediately but should do so within a few weeks. Should they find in David's favour, as it were, permission would be granted for a judicial review of the government's refusal to back an inquest to go ahead.  The judicial review could then proceed subject to David being happy to take it forward. This would depend on his securing a 'protective costs order' and with continued financial support. As has been stated previously, it is highly regrettable that it should require members of the public to donate money to ensure that the law is followed correctly, but in the face of such opposition from successive governments, this is the last route available to securing an inquest. The wheels turn slowly. We must be patient and first wait to see if this initial hurdle can be cleared.
I shall update the website again as soon there is more definite news regarding times and judges' identities. In the meantime please think seriously about attending. It is irritating that the hearing has been arranged for the same week that Christmas falls - unless you like Christmas shopping! On the other hand, and I say this advisedly, this is generally considered in legal circles to be a potentially fascinating situation and certainly the first time that matters relating to the death of Dr Kelly and the Iraq war will have been heard in open court.


I am pleased to report some positive news regarding the ongoing fight to secure a coroner's inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly.
As regular visitors to this site will know, in September retired surgeon David Halpin applied to the High Court seeking permission to judicially review Attorney General Dominic Grieve's decision not to have an inquest into Dr Kelly's suspicious death, which was officially recorded as a suicide following a public inquiry chaired by Lord Hutton.
Now Mr Justice Kenneth Parker, the judge reviewing David Halpin's submission, has ordered that a special hearing at the High Court will take place on 19 December to help decide if permission for the judicial review should be granted. Members of the public are able to attend it.
It will be a two-hour session and is particularly encouraging because it suggests that the case for the judicial review to go ahead is at least considered strong enough to be arguable.
Mr Justice Parker's unusual step - which will mark the first time matters relating to Dr Kelly's death and the Hutton Inquiry will have been heard in open court - could eventually lead to an inquest, though there is still a long way to go before that is certain.
Mr Halpin's barrister, John Cooper QC, says: "My client has maintained for many years that Dr Kelly, on the evidence available, did not commit suicide. Through the donations of hundreds of people he welcomes the first chance since the death of Dr Kelly to put before a court the kernel of his case."
All donations made to David Halpin via this site have been used to cover his ongoing legal fees. Jennifer McDermott of London solicitors Withers LLP is also representing him.



Dr Halpin's Witness Statement, the Application and Mr Justice Nicol's Judgement can be viewed here:





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